Part-Time Faculty and Staff Listing

Below is a listing of the part-time personnel of Ogeechee Technical College. The year in parentheses indicates the initial year of continuous employment.

Adams, Mae (2014)
Dining Service Employee
Adams, Taretta (2019)
Library Assistant
Alston, Jadaya (2018)
Print Center Coordinator
Bacon, Susan J. (1999)
Clerical Services Worker
A.A.S., Ogeechee Technical College
Diploma, Ogeechee Technical College
Certificate, Ogeechee Technical College
Bell, Shanika (2023)
GED Testing Assistant
Brinson, Lucy (2019)
Dual Enrollment Coordinator/Recruiter
Ed.S., Georgia Southern University
M.Ed., Georgia Southern University
B.S., Georgia Southern University
B.A., Georgia Southern University
Calloway, Jody (2023)
Amazon Lab Assistant
Deal, Marsha (2023)
Student Affairs Assistant
Disher, Jordan (2021)
Amazon Lab Assistant
Futch, Dr. Lynn (2015)
QEP Director
Harrison, Jamie (2022)
Instructional Aide
Lanier, Erika (2020)
Laboratory Assistant
Littles, Velma (2018)
Dining Service Employee
Taylor, Dinah (2015)
Library Assistant
Thigpen, Julie (2016)
Dining Service Employee
Tillman, Tammy (2023)
Dual Enrollment/Recruiter
Turner, John Barry (2023)
Special Assistant to VP - Academic Services
Williams, Melba (2023)
Student Affairs Assistant