A student who leaves the College in good standing may apply for readmission as early as the next academic term by following the admissions guidelines included on the Returning Students section. Students who have been dismissed because of unsatisfactory academic progress may apply for readmission after one term of absence from the College.

A student suspended for disciplinary reasons may be considered for readmission at the end of the suspension by making an appointment with the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs.

Readmission to a program will be granted on a space-available basis within the appropriate course sequence. A student will be required to complete the curriculum and readmission requirements in place at the time of re-enrollment. Program specific readmission requirements will be listed on the appropriate program section found on the Academic Programs webpage. 

Readmission to Competitive Admission Programs

A student who voluntarily leaves or is dropped from a competitive admission program due to academic reasons, attendance, or having received a grade less than “C” in any program course will be limited to a one-time re-entry into the program.

A student seeking readmission to a competitive admission program must understand that readmission is granted on a competitive and space-available basis, based on the program’s admission criteria, accreditation agency requirements, and clinical capacity. The student must meet current program admission requirements at the time of the readmission request.

A student who voluntarily leaves or is dismissed from a competitive admission program during the first semester of program classes must re-enter the competitive admissions process in order to be readmitted.

A student who successfully completed at least one term of program classes must follow the steps below to request readmission to the program:

  • Submit a letter requesting readmission to the Executive Director for Enrollment Services.
  • Upon approval from the Executive Director for Enrollment Services and confirmation that there is space available in the class, the student must demonstrate retention of materials/information taught in the last successfully completed semester.
  • The student will take a written examination covering materials taught in previously-taken coursework. The student must make a grade of 75 or better.
  • The student will take skills tests covering competencies in the procedures learned in previously-taken coursework. The student must make an 85 or better on the skills tests. The number of skills tests will be determined by each Program Director.