The ability for a student to succeed in a program at Ogeechee Technical College is greatly determined by the math and language skills possessed by that student. Ogeechee Tech is committed to assisting each student to reach their maximum potential. All students applying for diploma, degree, and certificate programs must be assessed prior to acceptance to a program of study. Students will then be admitted in accordance with the academic standards applicable to that program.

Effective July 1, 2019, all technical colleges must utilize Next-Generation ACCUPLACER or COMPANION, the TCSG-approved assessment instruments, when evaluating students’ readiness for diploma, degree, and certificate programs. However, in the place of Next-Generation ACCUPLACER or COMPANION, Ogeechee Tech may accept:

  • A student’s official entrance score on one of the following validated assessment instruments if the scores meet the college program's required minimums:
    • TABE
    • SAT
    • ACT

    • PSAT

    • GA Milestones

  • A student’s official General Education Diploma scores of 145+ in English or Math

  • A student's HOPE GPA of 2.5+ (for all programs)

  • A student's high school GPA of 2.0+ (for all entry level workforce certificates)

  • A student's official transcripts from a regionally or nationally accredited postsecondary institution recognized by the United States Department of Education documenting equivalent program-level English and math coursework successfully completed (C or better)

Assessment results will be valid for any current or previous tool utilized for placement purposes and are transferable to any TCSG college. Each policy and charges may apply.

Written or oral interviews shall not be utilized as part of the evaluation for program admission.

Effective July 23, 2020, TCSG Commissioner Greg Dozier suspended provisions of the TCSG Admission Procedure 6.2.1p that require student testing and submission of official transcripts for the purpose of admission. Under this guidance Ogeechee Tech will also accept the following in place of the admissions assessment requirement:

  • A student's high school diploma with an overall/cumulative high school GPA of a 2.0 or higher (for all programs)

  •  A student’s official General Education Diploma transcript completed since 2014 with scores of 145+ in English or Math  (for all programs)

  • A student's high school or General Education Diploma transcript with proof of completion (for all certificate and diploma programs)

  • A student's completed admissions application (for programs that do not require a high school diploma or General Education Diploma)