Heavy Diesel Service Technician Certificate (HD31)

The Heavy Diesel Service Technician certificate program provides training in both theory, diagnosis, and repair of basic systems on diesel engines and diesel equipment. Program instruction includes shop safety, shop equipment, diesel engines and fuel systems, electrical and electronic systems, off road power trains, and heavy equipment hydraulics. Successful completion of this program will prepare the student for entering the industry as an entry level diesel service technician.

Employment Opportunities

Diesel equipment technicians work in a variety of different types of repair shops or in the field of performing repairs on heavy trucks or diesel equipment and engines for customers. Repairs often involve the technician using a variety of tools and specialized equipment.

Admissions Criteria

  • Submit a completed application and application fee;
  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Submit official high school transcript or GED transcript;
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;
  • Meet the following assessment requirements:
Test Reading Writing Numerical Algebra
Accuplacer 36 30 23 NA
Accuplacer (Next Gen) 218 222 223 NA
Compass 70 32 26 NA
SAT 16 15 18 NA
SAT 270 280 310 NA
ACT 14 13 14 NA
ASSET 37 38 32 NA
PSAT 16 15 18 NA
GED NA 145 145 NA
TABE 461 NA 442 NA

Heavy Diesel Service Technician Curriculum

The curriculum for the Heavy Diesel Service Technician program is designed for the semester system. A student may enter the program any semester. To graduate, certificate-seeking students must earn a minimum of 31 semester credit hours. The program requires a minimum of 996 contact hours and generally takes 3 semesters to complete.

Program Courses

Occupational Courses (31 Credits)

DIET 1000Introduction to Diesel Technology


DIET 1010Electrical and Electronic Systems


DIET 1030Diesel Engines


DIET 2001Heavy Equipment Hydraulics


DIET 2011Off Road Drivelines


DIET 1000 and DIET 1010: “C” or higher grade is required for these courses.

Select one (3 Credits)

DIET 1040Diesel Truck and Heavy Equipment HVAC Systems


DIET 1050Diesel Equipment Technology Internship


Program Costs

Tuition ($100 per credit hour): $3,100

Fees ($370 per semester): $1,110

Books/Supplies: $800

Liability Insurance - $40 per fiscal year

Course Supply Fees:

  • DIET 1000: $20
  • DIET 1010: $20
  • DIET 1011: $20
  • DIET 1030: $20
  • DIET 1032: $20
  • DIET 1040: $20
  • DIET 2001: $20
  • DIET 2011: $20

(Costs are estimates and are subject to change.)