Cosmetology Diploma (CO12)

The Cosmetology diploma program is a sequence of courses that prepares students for careers in the field of cosmetology. Learning opportunities develop academic and professional knowledge and skills required for job acquisition, retention, and advancement. The program emphasizes specialized training in safety, sanitation, state laws, rules, and regulations, chemistry, anatomy and physiology, skin, hair, and nail diseases and disorders, hair treatments and manipulations, hair shaping, hair styling, artificial hair, braiding/intertwining hair, chemical reformation and application, skin and nail care, hair coloring, hair lightening, reception, sales, management, math, reading, writing, interpersonal relations development, computer skills, employability skills, and work ethics. The curriculum meets state licensing requirements of the State Board of Cosmetology. Program graduates receive a Cosmetology diploma and are employable as a cosmetology salesperson, cosmetologist, salon manager, or a salon owner.

Important Cosmetology Diploma Program Admission Information

The Cosmetology diploma program is an in-demand program with limited seats for each cohort. Each cohort generally accepts 24 students. It is important to understand that acceptance into the program for a semester does not guarantee registration into a cohort during that semester. It does, however, place you on a list of accepted students in order of the date you were officially accepted to the program. Students will be notified during the registration period for the upcoming term if they have a seat in a cohort for that term.

If offered enrollment for a cohort and the student declines, the student’s spot will be forfeited and the student will be removed from the waitlist. In order to be placed back on the waitlist, the student will need to submit a new application for admission and be accepted again. The student will be placed on the waitlist based on the new date of acceptance.

If registered for a cohort, a student will be required to attend a mandatory program orientation prior to the start of the semester. Students will be notified of the date and time of the orientation once registered for a cohort.

If a student decides to pursue a different program while waiting for the next available cohort, the student must contact admissions prior to changing programs in order to remain on the list.   

Employment Opportunities

Cosmetology graduates are employable as cosmetology sales persons, stylists, salon managers, or salon owners. After additional experience/training, graduates may become instructors, platform artists, color technician, make-up artists or may work in another specialized area within the cosmetology field.


The Cosmetology program at Ogeechee Technical College is regulated by the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology, 237 Coliseum Dr., Macon, GA 31217, Phone 478.207.2440. Graduates are eligible to take the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology Examination. Web:


Upon successful completion of the cosmetology program, a licensure examination is required to work in the state of Georgia. Information on the licensure exam can be found on the Georgia Secretary of State website (

After obtaining a passing score on both the written and practical examination, a candidate must submit an application for licensure to the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology with the appropriate fee. Passing the written and practical exam does not guarantee licensure. All criminal convictions and any board sanctions must be reviewed by the Board as a consideration for licensure.

Medical Requirements

Cosmetology/Hair Designer/Esthetics students are required to have a Tuberculosis skin test.  Student must provide TB test results prior to entering program.  Documentation will be maintained in a medical file. Proof of a negative skin test or chest x-ray must be provided to the instructor during your first program term.  Upon being advised of the inherent risk of exposure to Hepatitis, consent/declination forms will be provided for documentation of the student’s decision.  These forms will be maintained in the instructor’s office. We work with chemicals that may be harmful.  If you are or in the event you become pregnant during this course, check with your doctor and have him give you documentation stating that you may or may not attend this course.  A release of liability form must be signed by student and placed in the students file. 

Admissions Criteria

  • Submit a completed application and application fee;
  • Be at least 16 years of age;
  • Submit official high school transcript or GED transcript;
  • Submit official college transcripts, if applicable;
  • Meet the following assessment requirements:
Test Reading Writing Numerical Algebra
Accuplacer 55 60 34 NA
Accuplacer (Next Gen) 224 236 229 NA
Compass 70 32 26 NA
SAT 16 15 18 NA
SAT 270 280 310 NA
ACT 14 13 14 NA
ASSET 37 38 32 NA
PSAT 16 15 18 NA
GED NA 145 145 NA
TABE 461 NA 442 NA

Cosmetology Curriculum

The curriculum for the Cosmetology diploma program is designed for the semester system. A student may enter the program any semester for general education courses and fall and spring semesters for program courses. To graduate, Cosmetology diploma-seeking students must earn a minimum of 55 semester credit hours. The program requires and minimum of 1530 contact hours and generally takes 4 semesters to complete.

Program Courses

Basic Skills Courses (8 Credits)

MATH 1012Foundations of Mathematics


ENGL 1010Fundamentals of English I


EMPL 1000Interpersonal Relations & Professional Development


COLL 1010College & Career Success Skills


Occupational Courses (47 Credits)

COSM 1000Introduction to Cosmetology Theory


COSM 1010Chemical Texture Services


COSM 1020Hair Care and Treatment


COSM 1030Haircutting


COSM 1040Styling


COSM 1050Hair Color


COSM 1060Fundamentals of Skin Care


COSM 1070Nail Care & Advanced Techniques


COSM 1080Physical Hair Services Practicum


COSM 1090Hair Services Practicum I


COSM 1100Hair Services Practicum II


COSM 1110Hair Services Practicum III


COSM 1115Hair Services Practicum IV


COSM 1120Salon Management


COSM 1125Skin and Nail Care Practicum


COSM 1000, COSM 1010, COSM 1020, COSM 1030, COSM 1040, COSM 1050, COSM 1060, COSM 1070, COSM 1080, COSM 1090, COSM 1100, COSM 1110, COSM 1115, COSM 1120 and COSM 1125: “C” or higher grade is required for these courses.

Program Costs

Tuition ($100 per credit hour): $5,500

Fees ($385 per semester): $1,540

Books/Supplies: $1,200

Liability Insurance:  Liability Insurance (click to find your program)

Certification Exam: $109

TB Test: $40

Course Supply Fees: Cosmetology (click to find individual course fees)

Uniforms are required beginning fall and spring semesters.

(Costs are estimates and are subject to change.)